Central States Water Resources to Halt Water and Wastewater Shut-offs For All Customers

SAINT LOUIS, MO (MARCH 13, 2020) — Central States Water Resources (CSWR), today announced it will discontinue any planned shut-offs for non-payment of water and wastewater services for at least 30 days to support nationwide efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

“Never before, across the country and worldwide, have we had to address a challenge quite like the coronavirus,” said Central States Water Resources President Josiah Cox. “It has led to an unsettling time for our families and neighbors, and as water is critical to human health, we want to ensure that the communities we serve have access to clean and safe drinking water and reliable wastewater systems.”

CSWR currently owns or operates utilities systems in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky and North Carolina.

Central States Water Resources is transforming how water utilities work by using technology and innovation to bring safe, reliable and environmentally responsible water resources to every community in the U.S. Learn more about us at www.centralstateswaterresources.com and www.magnoliawateruoc.com.


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