Central States Water Resources Acquires Water and Wastewater Systems in Missouri

Missouri Public Service Commission approves sales to CSWR affiliates Elm Hills UOC and Osage UOC, continuing growth and significant water infrastructure improvements across Missouri and U.S.

SAINT LOUIS, MO (April 17, 2020) – The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved water and wastewater system purchases by two affiliates of Central States Water Resources (CSWR) in the state of Missouri – one by CSWR’s Osage Utility Operating Company (Osage UOC) from Osage Water Company in Camden County; and one by CSWR’s Elm Hills Utility Operating Company (Elm Hills UOC) from Central Rivers Wastewater Utility, Inc., in Ray, Clay and Clinton counties.

The PSC also approved a certificate of convenience and necessity allowing Elm Hills UOC to install, own, operate and maintain a sewer system in Clay County, enabling the company to provide sewer service to the Prairie Field Subdivision near Liberty, Missouri.

“The Osage Water Company facilities are currently in need of maintenance and repair,” the PSC wrote regarding the Osage Water acquisition. “Staff identified maintenance, repair and/or permitting concerns at each of Osage Water Company’s water and sewer facilities.”

Through its acquisition, Osage UOC will serve approximately 402 water customers and 420 sewer customers. Elm Hills UOC, which already served 508 water and sewer customers in Pettis and Johnson counties, will add 295 new customers through its acquisition.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to do what we do best: Dramatically improve water and wastewater systems in need of repair and ensure access to clean and safe drinking water and reliable wastewater systems to our customers,” said Josiah Cox, President of CSWR, which has water and wastewater operations or pending acquisitions in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. “We are confident that our unique approach will transform these communities that need and deserve reliable water resources.”

In addition to Osage UOC and Elm Hills UOC, CSWR serves water and wastewater customers across Missouri through Confluence Rivers Utility Operating Company, Hillcrest Utility Operating Company, Raccoon Creek Utility Operating Company and Indian Hills Utility Operating Company.

Elm Hills UOC will continue to provide sewer service to former Central Rivers customers under the rates currently charged by Central Rivers. Osage UOC will adopt the current rates for customers until it files its first general rate case although the PSC noted in its decision that the system purchases will likely result in a future rate increase to recover prudent improvement and repair costs.


Central States Water Resources (CSWR) is transforming how water utilities work by using technology and innovation to bring safe, reliable and environmentally responsible water resources to every community in the U.S. The company has water and wastewater operations or pending acquisitions across the nation, including in Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. Learn more about CSWR at CentralStatesWaterResources.com, OsageWaterUOC.com and ElmHillsUOC.com.


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