COVID-19 Reopening: Preparing Your Water

SAINT LOUIS, MO (May 5, 2020) – As states prepare to reopen and many communities readjust to life as stay-at-home orders lift, it’s important to make sure your water system is also ready to come back online if your home or business hasn’t been used for weeks.

When water lines lie dormant, you may find stagnant water builds up due to inactivity. This is why all water systems will need to be flushed to ensure safety before using. To restore your water, the American Water Works Association recommends going through the following procedures to ensure a flow of clean water:

  1. Before flushing, remove or bypass point-of-entry or similar devices.
  2. Avoid contaminants seeping into plumbing and prevent backflow by disconnecting hoses from faucets, closing valves that separate irrigation systems from home plumbing, etc.
  3. Maximize the flow of water by organizing flushing by opening all water outlets at the same time and then flushing them one by one, beginning from where water the enters building.
  4. For 10 – 30 minutes, run water through all outlets to remove any aerators.  
  5. Flush the cold water lines first, and then the hot water lines. (A hot water tank can be drained directly.)
  6. Replace all point-of-use filters (the includes filters in refrigerators).

If you find you have additional concerns about your water after taking these steps, consider taking other safety precautions.

Water is an important part of our daily lives, especially now. Our team will continue to do our part to bring you reliable, safe, and clean water. We are continuously monitoring water levels and conducting appropriate repairs as needed in each of our communities. We want to make sure your water is safe to use for drinking, bathing, or hand-washing.  


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