How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

SAINT LOUIS, MO (June 15, 2020) – Summer fun means pool parties and sunshine, but for those who live on the Gulf Coast, it also marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs through November 30.

We’re working to ensure we continue to deliver safe and reliable water and wastewater service to you. To do this, we actively prepare for the upcoming storms that may impact our more than 35,000 customers like you across the state.

In preparation for potential landfall and storms created by these weather events, Magnolia Water crews “storm harden” all water systems by:

  • Ensuring adequate chlorine supplies are at all sites and are secured from any impacts of the storms.
  • Locking down all systems and removing any loose materials onsite.
  • Sufficiently fueling generators and making sure all generators are operating properly.
  • Making sure each system has automatic switchover generators or has a portable power source available for dispatch in the event of a power outage.

For wastewater systems, our crews prepare by:

  • Having a surplus of chlorine supplies available to handle the impacts of the storm.
  • Activating personnel ready to move the plants into storm mode if stormwater infiltrates the plant.
  • Locking down all systems and removing any loose materials to prevent impact from high winds.
  • Closely monitoring lift stations in order to deploy backup power in the event of an outage.

You can help to prepare for these storms by following these tips:

  • Know your hurricane risk. Certain areas are more susceptible to storms and heavy flooding, keep an eye on local weather conditions through news and phone alerts.
  • Make an emergency plan. Discuss with your family and friends where to seek shelter during extreme weather, and where to meet after the all-clear is given.
  • Recognize warnings and alerts. Begin your safety measures when local weather reporters suggest preparing and when to seek immediate shelter.
  • Know your evacuation routes. Map out the safest way to leave your home in case of flash flooding or extreme wind, be sure to have necessities ready and leave when evacuations are ordered.
  • Ready your tech. Pack phone charging cords and if possible additional batteries in case of power outages.
  • Help your neighbors. Check in with neighbors, especially those with disabilities. to make sure they have emergency supplies and plans. If possible, seek shelter together.
  • Gather supplies. Pack emergency supplies including drinkable water, non-perishable foods, hygiene supplies and extra clothes.

For Louisiana customers, our Customer Support is available 24/7 for emergencies at 1-855-643-8152. For Mississippi customers, our Customer Support is available 24/7 for emergencies at 1-855-801-8440

Additionally, resources may be found on the FEMA website as well as


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