CSWR Joins NAWC As New Member

Central States Water Resources Joins NAWC As New Member

Membership Exemplifies CSWR’s Dedication to and Investment in Communities

PHILADELPHIA AND ST. LOUIS (October 19, 2020) –

The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) welcomes Central States Water Resources (CSWR) as its newest member. Based in St. Louis, CSWR is one of the fastest growing water and wastewater utilities in the US, working to provide safe and reliable water resources to communities across America.

“Central States Water Resource’s commitment to improving the standards of existing water utilities and building the utilities of the future fully aligns with NAWC’s focus on ensuring safe and clean water is there whenever customers need it,” said NAWC President and CEO Robert F. Powelson. With one in every four Americans exposed to potentially unsafe drinking water or wastewater systems*, CSWR works to improve and transform water utilities through acquisition of failing and faltering utilities, bringing them up to higher standards, ultimately providing customers with safer, more reliable water resources. This commitment to the highest standard of service is what led to the membership with NAWC.

“We are excited to join NAWC, as we have a shared vision of improving the quality of water and wastewater resources for every community across the US,” said Josiah Cox, founder and president of CSWR. “This unified community of businesses and organizations ultimately sharpens each to be better equipped to serve our customers with best practices and provide mentorship and collaboration with other members.”

*National Geographic Magazine, March 2019

The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) represents regulated water and wastewater companies. NAWC member companies provide 73 million Americans with safe and clean water service reliably and have an exceptional record of compliance with federal and state health and environmental regulations. Ensuring this high standard of quality requires extraordinary amounts of capital investment. NAWC estimates that its 10 largest members invested nearly $3.7 billion in 2019 in their water and wastewater systems. For more information about NAWC, please visit NAWC.org or follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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