Investing in Water Infrastructure is an Investment in Your Community

SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 18, 2020) – We get it. It’s frustrating to see your water bill rise. I mean, you didn’t change your water usage habits in the last month. Why would the bill be higher?

The answer is often because of improved water infrastructure efforts. Replacing equipment, updating treatment processes and building new facilities require time and money. And those added costs sometimes get reflected in your bill. But for that little extra money, you are receiving a wealth of extra benefits.

Confidence in Your Home’s Water

This is the big one. We’ve seen the consequences of poorly maintained water systems in the recent past. As one of the most basic and essential resources for every household, knowing your water is clean, safe and reliable is of the utmost importance. No one should ever be afraid of taking a shower or turning on the tap for a glass of water, and CSWR has made it a mission to make sure that’s a situation our customers never have to deal with.

Confidence in Your Community’s Water

But things don’t end at home. Think about all the places you interact with water. From the restaurants to hospitals, manufacturers to first responders, building proper water infrastructure keeps our entire community safe.

A Clean Environment

It’s important to get the good water in, but it’s just as important to get the bad water out. Maintaining pipes and replacing outdated equipment makes sure that wastewater is getting to our facilities to be properly treated instead of ending up in your yard, the water table and our natural resources. Healthy wildlife also depends heavily on the water treatment of a community, water affects us all.

Higher Home’s Values

In an ideal world, having an up-to-date water system would be something we all have access to. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, which means that having a modern and working water system is a big selling point when you decide to buy or sell a home. The money you spend now could turn into a much bigger return down the line.

A Stronger Economy

Improving water infrastructure takes talented people, which means new and better paying jobs for the people in our local communities. And the money they make gets poured right into our other local businesses. Clean water is also a boon for new businesses when they are looking for a location to settle into. If your community can meet their water needs, there’s a better chance you’ll see that business start to trickle in. A healthy environment truly is a factor for businesses as well as the community.

The benefits to a safe and reliable water system are clear. The money you spend today is an investment in the health of your home, your community and your environment for years to come. To get an in-depth look at the kinds of improvements we make for areas just like yours, read our case studies for Indian Hills, Elm Hills and Hillcrest.


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