Celebrating World Water Day

Image of water drops splashing.

SAINT LOUIS, MO (March 22, 2021) – Water is necessary for all life on Earth. More than two-thirds of the planet is covered in it. 

However, much of this water isn’t safe for drinking. We must protect the water that we use every day. World Water Day is a celebration of the protection of water resources as well as continuing to value water as this ever-important source of life and health for all.

We must continue to treat this essential resource as valuable. World Water Day celebrates the work being done to keep this water safe and clean for everyone.

We celebrate water throughout the year, including protecting wildlife and the environment, and its need for clean water, including National Water Quality Month and World Water Monitoring Day.

WorldWaterDay.Org has put together resources, like this video, which details the progress we are making as a planet to achieve goals of water protection and preservation. 

We each have goals to improve our everyday lives. Water is a critical component to the health and wellness of each community, and the world’s economy. World Water Day focuses on how we can make small steps as individuals and large steps as communities to make a difference.

CSWR is dedicated to bringing clean, safe and reliable water resources to the communities we serve, on World Water Day, and every day.