We ♥ Our Utility Workers

SAINT LOUIS, MO (May 5, 2021) – Whether it’s fixing water main breaks or keeping fire hydrants working, in case of emergencies; from testing for contaminants in our water supplies to replacing important valves and sensors that regulate water pressure, water utility workers are responsible for the infrastructures that keep your water flowing and your wastewater in its proper channels. 

Without these workers, we would not have access to clean, safe and reliable water resources.

water utility workers

Having access to safe and reliable water is essential for day-to-day life. Water is important for a lot of reasons, now more than ever. With COVID-19 still circulating the country, washing your hands with soap and water is one of the easiest ways to combat the virus. If your pipes freeze due to winter weather, you may be without water for a day or more. Or when a water main breaks, it can lead to property damage, area flooding, boil orders and can cut off water service for an entire community. 

This is why utility workers of all kinds are available 24/7, rain or shine, freezing temps or sweltering heat. Water utility workers move at the speed of light; digging holes, replacing pipes and making sure the water is clean, safe and reliable within the span of a few hours. If it weren’t for these hard workers, you could lose your ability to cook, clean or even wash your hands for days at a time.

We appreciate utility workers every day — however, this winter in Texas our workers’ commitment to their community showed during a natural disaster. The polar vortex in February caused extreme cold and icy conditions that knocked out power and water services for millions of Texans. By February 24, due to the tireless efforts of the operations and customer service teams, CSWR restored service to all its customers despite the fact that in early March, some 360,000 homes in the state were still without water access.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to our utility workers, who strive to keep our energy, heat and water services up and running.