Are Local Water Supplies Safe from Cyber Attacks?

SAINT LOUIS, MO (March 1, 2022) – Well, that’s a good question. To answer that question, Josiah Cox, a water supply expert and president at Central States Water Resources, joined host Brian Mudd on The Brian Mudd Show on WIOD (610 AM). They talked about the recent cyberattack on a water treatment plant in Florida and the importance of protecting water infrastructure from hackers. 

“That the hackers were able to gain access was really a point of consternation, contention, potential catastrophe,” Cox said on the show. “It was headed off, thankfully, but it is a real risk out there — especially for small municipalities and small communities scattered across the country.” Hear the full interview from July 1, 2021, in the player above. 

To hear more about cybersecurity and local water supplies, listen to more of Cox’s appearances on Fox News Radio, including this interview from July 2, 2021, on WJAS (1320 AM).


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