Benefits Of Working With Us

CSWR is transforming how water utilities work by using technology and innovation to quickly assess and invest in reliable infrastructure that meets or exceeds stringent state and federal safety standards, while protecting the aquifers, lakes, rivers and streams that are essential to our world.

Our O&M partners get the benefits of access to working with industry-leading technology, a growing network of water and wastewater professionals and the opportunity to grow your business.

CSWR also provides:

  • Training vouchers pending state approval
  • Opportunity to learn how to use a computer-based training monitoring system (CMMS)
  • Professional, 24/7 customer service

We Need You

Central States Water Resources (CSWR), and its affiliates, are looking to work with qualified and experienced water and wastewater operations and management (O&M) firms to bring safe, reliable and environmentally responsible water resources to every community in the U.S.

CSWR owns and operates several private, regulated water and wastewater utility companies across the nation. We provide professional and managerial services to make sure the communities we serve have access to clean, safe and reliable water resources, 24/7. We work with outside firms like yours to make sure our utility operating companies have professional operation, maintenance and construction services. Our goal at CSWR is to transform local water and wastewater treatment facilities across the United States, improving both the quality of water and the quality of life for our customers.

We’re building our database for all current and future projects for construction and water and wastewater O&M. This Qualification Application is solely a request for information. It does not represent an offer, nor does it confer any rights on any respondent. CSWR is not responsible under any circumstances for any costs incurred by responding to this Qualification Application.

Want To Work With Us?

Get added to our database for future water and wastewater RFPs by submitting a Request for Qualifications to [email protected].