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More At-Home Experiments: Salt and Water

Every survivalist knows the importance of being able to remove the salt from saltwater. It’s a handy concept to understand, whether you’re stranded on a deserted island or just want to understand how evaporation works. The second blog in our…

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Investing in Water Infrastructure is an Investment in Your Community

We get it. It’s frustrating to see your water bill rise. I mean, you didn’t change your water usage habits in the last month. Why would the bill be higher? The answer is often because of improved water infrastructure efforts.…

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Drops of water

To Boil Or Not To Boil—It’s Not A Question

We’ve all been there before: a boil order is released and suddenly we begin to rethink every time we’ve come in contact with water over the last 72 hours. And while the likelihood of that happening is relatively low, it…

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Water Family Fun: At-Home Experiments for Kids and Grownups

We know that water is essential for living. Here’s the other thing about H20: it can teach us some interesting things about science, too! We have found a few at-home experiments from to help you and your children learn…

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