Glass of water

Why Isn’t Water Free?

If you open Google and search the phrase “why isn’t water,” The following suggestions appear as the most common search results: Why isn’t water wet? Why isn’t water flammable? Why isn’t water CANNED?? All valid questions, but one search result…

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Dishes in a sink

Should You Pour That Grease Down the Sink? (Short Answer: No!)

You’ve just finished frying some bacon or crispying up some delicious chicken. Now, you’re left with a pan full of oily grease. What do you do now? It’s easy to just throw this nasty grease down the drain and be…

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Group fist bump

The Success of a Self-Governing Culture

How employees’ control over their work has helped Central States Water Resources prosper Sovereign, independent, self-regulated, free-standing -- all works not commonly associated with the workplace environment. But, what if they were? What if workplaces had an environment where you…

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