Leaky Toilets Can Cost You Hundreds of Dollars

Here at CSWR, we have a lot to say about water. Like, a LOT. It’s basically all we think about: the water flowing in and out of the homes and buildings in your community. When we have something new to…

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Pipes on a building

What is Backflow? How can I prevent it?

Central States Water Resources (CSWR) is committed to supplying homes and businesses with safe, reliable water every day. But the only way to ensure your water services remain completely free of harmful chemicals or contamination is to protect pipes from…

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water pipe

Protect Your Water System After Inclement Weather

When a snow storm, deep freeze or other winter weather sets in, it can be downright unpleasant. It can also affect your water services or pipes. This is why it’s vital to protect your water system before and after inclement…

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5 Things To Know About Your Grinder Pump

The grinder pump is a vital part of your home’s waste-disposal system. It works like a kitchen sink garbage disposal by breaking down waste solids so they travel easily through pipes. Grinder pumps grind up and then pump waste through…

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