frozen water pipes

What To Do If Your Pipes Burst

SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 29, 2022). Have you ever put an unopened bottle of water in the freezer? As water freezes, it becomes ice, which expands until it cracks the plastic. When the ice thaws again, the water will run…

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washing a pan in the kitchen sink

How To Avoid Sewer Clogs from Fat, Oil and Grease

SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 14, 2022) - Whether you cook at home or eat out at a restaurant, every kitchen uses fats and oils to give food richness, flavor and moisture. What happens to the fat, oil and grease once…

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handmade glass of water in hand with halloween background

8 Scary Facts About Water

SAINT LOUIS, MO (October 28, 2022) - Without reliable access to safe and clean water, life can be downright scary! Here are 8 unsettling facts about water and wastewater from around the world — and beyond. To produce bottled water…

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Wastewater Before and After

Wastewater – Safe for You, Safe for Me

SAINT LOUIS, MO (October 7, 2022) - When we think of ancient Rome, many of us envision those civil engineering marvels, the aqueducts, a feat so ahead of its time that to gaze upon such structures today still elicits a…

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