Please fill out this form if you are interested in connecting to the Grassland Sewer system. We will use this information to mail you contracts and cost information. If you own multiple homes, please fill out a form for each home. This form is for current residents only, there will be additional information for developers in the coming months.

Grassland Sewer Extension Zone Map – 8/24/22

Grassland - New Potential Cust GE map for 20220824 mtg


Grassland Sewer Extension Map – 11/29/22

Grassland - New Potential Cust GE map for 20220824 mtg

This updated map was developed from people who filled out the extension enrollment form on this web page following the 8/24/22 Community Meeting. If you haven’t filled out the enrollment form on the website here and are interested in a sewer extension, please fill it out before December 31st.

Limestone Water will be back in the area in January 2023 with cost estimates based on the most current map of interested customers.

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