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We know that we are living in unprecedented times. We’re here for you. If you are facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please give us a call to arrange a payment plan and avoid disconnection or late fees.

At Bluegrass Water, we are committed to bringing you safe, reliable wastewater services today, and every day, 365 days a year.

We are working with the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection to improve your wastewater systems so your community can count on its water resources for generations to come.
Bluegrass Water Utility Operating Company is regulated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC). Click here for a summary of your customer rights.

Current Advisories

There are currently no advisories.

Communities We Serve

Bluegrass Water UOC Service Areas

Find Us! Maps of Bluegrass Water Systems:

Maps provided by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Wastewater Mapping.

Our Customer Service Team is Here For You

We’re here to help you when you need it most. As a valued customer, our operations and maintenance professionals are here to help you with billing matters, service disruption and answer any other questions you have about your utility service. 

Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-866-752-8982. For after-hours service emergencies, we have staff ready to take your information and ensure help is on the way. For non-emergencies outside our office hours, you may leave a message or email us at [email protected].

Your Utility Bill

You will receive your sewer bill in the mail for the previous month during the first week of each month. Bills are due the last business day of each month. Late fees are assessed before the next billing cycle.

The sewer service line construction and maintenance from the property line to the building is the responsibility of the customer and is subject to inspection by Bluegrass Water.

Your bill contains information about your sewer charges. Here’s a guide:

  • Account Number: This number should be included in any correspondence with the utility company and added to your check or money order.
  • Sewer Amount: This is the flat-rate amount charged to all customers for sewer utility services.
  • Previous Balance Due: The amount of unpaid previous charges as of the date of the current bill.
  • Due Date (“Total Due By” date): The account is considered delinquent and may be subject to disconnection if outstanding amount due is not paid by the due date. A late fee of 10% of the unpaid balance is added on any unpaid delinquent balance.

If you leave your residence for an extended period of time and wish to avoid discontinuance of service, you may forward your mail or sign up for automatic payment.

Monthly Rates:

  • Airview Estates Subdivision:  $41.36
  • Brocklyn Subdivision:  Multi-Family Unit:  $30.40 / Single-Family Unit:  $40.00
  • Fox Run Estates Subdivision:  $55.85
  • Kingswood Development:  $38.84
  • Lake Columbia Estates: $50.32
  • Longview Estates Subdivision:  $30.00
  • Homestead Subdivision:  $30.00
  • Great Oaks Subdivision:  $28.84
  • Golden Acres Subdivision:  $39.57
  • Persimmon Ridge:  Residential: $35.00 / Commercial (for each 12,000 gal) $35.00

Paying Your Bill

Pay by Mail
Send your payment to: P.O. Box 790379, St. Louis, MO 63179. Please include your account number on all correspondence.

Pay Online
Please click here to log in to your account.

If your balance is in parentheses ($…) that means that you have a credit balance. Do not pay this amount.

Questions About Your Bill?

If you have questions about your bill, please fill out the form here or call us toll Free at 1-866-752-8982.


  • Late fee…10% of the unpaid balance
  • Returned check charge…see specific tariff online
  • Credit / debit flat fee of $2.25
  • E-Check flat fee of $ 0.50
  • Disconnect and reconnect fees vary

Avoiding a Late Payment Charge or Discontinuance of Service
Payment is considered delinquent after the due date. The due date will be the last business date of each month. A late fee will be applied if your bill is not paid by the due date. If your account becomes delinquent, you will be in jeopardy of discontinuance of services.

We will mail you a notice at least 10 days before we discontinue your service. If you receive a notice, please take immediate action to avoid service disruption.

Restoration of service will resume after payment of your bill or settlement is made. A shut-off fee and a reconnection fee will be applied and must be paid prior to reconnection.

If you are unable to pay the entire billed amount and wish to enter into a payment agreement, please call Customer Service at 1-866-752-8982 to inquire about your eligibility. The payment plan will consist of payment of the current month’s billing plus a portion of the past due amount, due and payable on the current month’s due date.

The sewer service line construction and maintenance from the property line to the building is the responsibility of the customer, and is subject to inspection by Bluegrass Water.

Kentucky Public Service Commission
Bluegrass Water Utility Operating Company is regulated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC).

This information is being provided in accordance with PSC regulations. If you feel that we have not responded to your issue in a satisfactory manner, you have the right to request that the PSC review the unresolved issue.

You may contact the Kentucky Public Service Commission at: 1-800-772-4636 or P.O. Box 615, 211 Sower Blvd., Frankfort, Kentucky 40602-0615 or visit https://psc.ky.gov/home/contact

Filing a Complaint with the Public Service Commission
Bluegrass Water Utility Operating Company will work to resolve every problem as we investigate your complaint.

If we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you may file a complaint with the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

We will not disconnect your service if you have a billing complaint pending before the Public Service Commission as long as you pay the undisputed amount of your bill and continue to pay your regular monthly bills.

Complaints may be made by phone at 1-800-772-4636 or online by clicking here.

The Department of Environmental Protection regulates operations of utilities, including Bluegrass Water.

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